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Oswald risks his life by revealing his Fish past to gain Maroni’s trust in the war against Falcone, which works after the don has Gordon abducted to check Oswald’s story. A potent drug, which shortly renders incredibly strong and fearless, but fatally alters the calcium balance, is handed out blindly on Gotham’s streets. Gordon works out is was developed by a Wayne subsidiary, which had the only sufficiently advanced lab, but also fired Stan Potolsky, the brilliant chemist in charge of a military order along those lines. The project was suspended by the Waynes until their murder. Bruce works out irregularities in the Wayne empire and attends a company event to question the board members, but instead has to witness the dramatic sequel of the fatal drug story, while Gordon worked his way there via Stan’s mentor, a radically thinking philosophy professor. Meanwhile Falcone’s lieutenant Nikolai plots with secret lover Fish.

  • Director: Tim Hunter
  • Cast: Ben McKenzie | Donal Logue | David Mazouz
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.0
  • Today: 952 Views
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Gotham s.1 ep.5 (Viper)

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