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With the replacement core now functioning, Cole returns to 2015 and Cassie and Aaron who thought he had died in the Chechnya blast. He tells them the virus is still out there and Cassie believes Oliver Peters, the man who made the virus, may have kept a sample. Cole finds a connection to 1987 Tokyo and a the White Dragon nightclub. His body is deteriorating however. Prior to Cole’s return to 2043, Ramse does what he believes is necessary for him and his family to survive. He and other are now living in a old animal park where he sees something from the past. After an incident, Ramse returns to Jones’ lab but finds himself traveling to the past.

  • Director: Magnus Martens
  • Cast: Aaron Stanford | Amanda Schull | Kirk Acevedo
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.2
  • Today: 1796 Views
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12 Monkeys s.1 ep.10 (Divine Move)

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