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Watch Dexter s.7 ep.2 (Sunshine and Frosty Swirl) Online

With Deb having found all of Dexter’s paraphernalia, including the blood slides, he has little choice but to admit everything. She decides not to arrest him or let the police know what he does during his off hours. She does decide she’s going to try and cure him and keeps him on a very short leash. Dexter is wondering more and more what to do about Louis Greene who he is convinced sent him the hand from the Ice Truck killer case. Louis doesn’t scare easily however. The police continue to press the investigation into Mike Anderson’s death not knowing that Dexter has already taken care of the killer. They’re raiding the strip club regularly and the owner comes to the US to take care of it personally. Meanwhile, a convicted serial killer offers to tell the police where some of his victims are buried. LaGuerta continues to research the blood slide she found at the site of the Marshall killing.

  • Director: Steve Shill
  • Cast: Michael C. Hall | Jennifer Carpenter | Desmond Harrington
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.9
  • Today: 2234 Views
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Dexter s.7 ep.2 (Sunshine and Frosty Swirl)

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