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After Mike is released, Harvey offers him a job. Harvey and Jessica learn that some of their oldest clients are thinking of moving to another firm. Jessica’s too busy with the Leonard Bailey trial to deal with it so she has Harvey handle it. He goes to speak to their client and he learns it’s not the client but one of his people who’s behind it. He’s using what happened between Harvey and Sutter as a means to show that Harvey can’t be trusted, so that he could remove the client and take his place. The client says if they want to keep his business, Jessica or Louis needs to appear at the board meeting. But Louis is preoccupied with his relationship with Tara, especially after she drops a bomb on him. Jessica is trying to find a way to help Bailey; Rachel thinks she knows a way but it’ll be difficult. Jessica rethinks her ambitions.

  • Director: Kevin Bray
  • Cast: Gabriel Macht | Patrick J. Adams | Rick Hoffman
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.7
  • Today: 878 Views
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Suits s.6 ep.10 (P.S.L.)

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