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To prevent the imminent bankruptcy of the “Planet Express”, the crew tries to make a bikini calendar using the female employees (much to Leela and Amy’s dismay), but there are too few females to fill all the months. Then, they convert “Planet Express” into an airline company “Plan-Am”. Due to Professor’s chauvinism, women are made flight attendants, and men become pilots, even though Leela is the only capable pilot. This eventually causes the ship to crash on some planet, where the survivors are hopelessly locked in the battle of the sexes. The fighting attracts the attention of the local inhabitant – a rock creature with incredible powers. The creature proposes a series of tests to determine which gender is superior, but when both groups fail the tests, it concludes that gender is redundant altogether, and strips everyone of their sex characteristics. Not distracted by sex issues anymore, the survivors are able to create a perfect society – the Neutered Utopia (Neutopia), but after a…

  • Director: Edmund Fong
  • Cast: Billy West | Katey Sagal | John DiMaggio
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.6
  • Today: 1142 Views
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Futurama s.6 ep.14 (Neutopia)

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