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Alfred gives Bruce boxing lessons and swallows his reservations on the knave’s insistence when Gordon asks permission to put up troublesome Wayne murder witness Selina Kyle in the manor. James and Harvey investigate the freeing and abduction during prisoner transport to Arkham convicts psych ward of resourceful, psychopathic pyromaniac Hargrove, used to steal from a former ammunition factory an explosive only used to burn trough old-fashioned cast iron. Tipped off by her unwilling Mole, Falcone’s ‘company’, about his cash stash, Fish organizes a raid on it, during which it’s destroyed.

  • Director: Karen Gaviola
  • Cast: Ben McKenzie | Donal Logue | David Mazouz
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.9
  • Today: 893 Views
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Gotham s.1 ep.9 (Harvey Dent)

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