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On Eleanor’s advice in trying to get over Jason, Janet creates a rebound guy, Derek. Derek’s presence in the bad place may cause some problems in and of itself, especially if Vicky or worse Shawn finds out and thus uncovers the ruse, but Derek as a being is even worse for them all as Janet admits that he is not perfect as he is her first attempt at creating a being. Since Jason is the reason Janet has been glitching, Michael sends Jason and Tahani away while he deals with the Janet/Derek issue, not realizing that Jason and Tahani being alone may make things worse as they become closer. Michael turns to Eleanor and Chidi in trying to resolve the problem, Chidi who stands steadfast that the wanted ends of getting rid of Derek does not justify the means, namely in Michael wanting to kill Derek. But the alternative of Vicky and thus Shawn finding out what’s going on would send them all to the bad bad place for eternity. What happens between Janet and Derek may factor into what they decide…

  • Director: Jude Weng
  • Cast: Kristen Bell | William Jackson Harper | Jameela Jamil
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.1
  • Today: 1147 Views
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The Good Place s.2 ep.7 (Derek)

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